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What is Graphite?

Graphite is the only freelance platform specifically for architects.  With Graphite, clients can easily find and work with the perfect freelance architecture team, so they can receive top-notch service from a local licensed architect without the cost or burden of hiring a traditional firm.  Graphite also provides an easy to use interface to track project progress, process payments, and allows the design professionals to collaborate on remote teams. We are a developing startup based in San Francisco and we’re excited to help make your dream project become a reality!

Why freelancing?

The shift towards freelancing in our world’s work force continues to grow as our technology increases. We’ve created a way for the architecture industry to embrace that model. By doing this, the services our freelancers provide is much more affordable because we’ve eliminated the inefficiencies and unnecessary overhead that comes with working in an architecture office.  And the reduced overhead cost also allows the architect to take home more money for their services. 

Meet the Founder

Leah Baker is our Founder and CEO. Being an architect herself she saw the problems plaguing the architecture industry from both the client’s and the architect’s perspective. She knew clients found the process of hiring and working with an architect to be difficult and expensive, while architects themselves get paid very little and lack the lifestyle flexibility compared to many of their tech industry counterparts.  So she created Graphite to bring change to the traditional firm model to make hiring and working with an architect more effective and attainable to more people through the use of remote freelance teams, while giving her fellow architects a place to use their skills in a freelance manner. 

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